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Bitter Breasts .. Help !!

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my guy says my breasts have a musky taste to them after he puts his mouth on them. I Googled this problem MANY times and A LOT of women have this issue but no one, not even DOCS can give real answers. no one seems to know what's REALLY TRULY causing this oniony taste on the breasts !! the skin doesn't smell weird, and my hygiene is SUPERB, more than most girls actually ;; I have NEVER had a smell "down there". I don't have a "oily nipple discharge" that some people think is the problem. it juss..tastes bitter and onionlike. I KNOW it's ME too, b/c it's happened with the last guy, altho he didn't say anything;;I could juss smell it on his breath. GIRLS, how you ever had this problem ?? and GUYS, have you ever experienced a funny taste from the breasts ?? PLEASE help, it's like impossible to get an answer and I'm sooo frustrated with this.