Who has had breast cancer ... Can you help my aunt?

Okay, well my aunt isnt sure if she has breast cancer or not. It runs in our family. Almost all the females in our family has have it or has it now. But she gets really sharp pains in her breasts and she says it just doesnt feel normal. What made you go to the doctor to see if you’ve it?

Answer #1

Women go if they feel a lump…that’s what usually drives them to have a mamagram (unless it is just a yearly exam)…

Tell auntie to trust her gut that something isn’t right…however, it might not be breast cancer at all…but something entirely different…


Answer #2

It doesn’t matter whether it is normal for other women to experience pain or not, every women is different. So tell her to go to a doctor in any case.

Answer #3

She isnt afraid to go to the doctor. She just doesnt know if it’s usual for women to have these pains in their breast or not.

Answer #4

Why do Americans seem afraid to go to the doctor? If something appears to have changed for no explainable reason, go to the doc! Don’t risk it with internet diagnosis!

Answer #5

Ok first go do a monogram or what ever it’s called and if it is breast cancer than try to see how big the tomer is if it’s small it can be removed if it’s huge then they can not remove it. My aunt had breast cancer but the tumur was so big they couldent remove it then it the tumur spread everywere and then it got to the brain and she passed on I didn’t get to know her thou that was the sad part.

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