Can I get pregnant while on the sugar pills of my birth control?

A birth control pack has 4 weeks, on the 4th week you start your period, these pills are called “sugar pills” and “reminder pills”. I don’t start my period until the 3rd day of this week, so therefor I could have sx the first 2 days of that week if I wanted to. I don’t use condoms and haven’t gotten pregnant yet, if I have sx during this week without a condom will I get pregnant? What are the differences in the 3 weeks of pills and the 4th week of pills, sure you start your period, but can you get pregnant also?

Answer #1

You can get pregnant even while on the pill don’t let people lie to you no birth control is 100% accurate hence the ads that they say 99.6% there is ALWAYS a change ALWAYS

Answer #2

I dont know if the is the question u wanted me to answer. But to tell u the truth I have no clue if u can get pregnant or not. I was on the patch and I got pregnant. I am sorry I don’t have much advice on the pill.

Answer #3

Billie is right. You are protected even during your sugar pill week.

Answer #4

no you should be ok.. my wife is nurse.. and she says the same thing..

Answer #5

I am an RN and I get this question a lot. The honest truth is that you have the same chance of getting pregnant as the weeks you are on the actual pill.

This chance is slim as long as you are taking your pills on time. The longer you are on the pill the lower your chances of getting pregnant are. I’ve actually had cases where some women have to wait several months after they stop taking the pill before they become fertile again.

It is best to remember that not even the pill is 100 percent effective whether you are on the regular pills or the sugar pills.

Answer #6

Well the pink pills have hormones and so on that work at preventing ovulation and hence pregnancy. The green one’s are idle. I think it is very unlikely that you will get pregnant during that last week if you do not use a backup method. . If you read the little paper that comes with every box of birthcontrol it clearly states that during the last week of the pills you do not need to use a backup method. Unfortunately I do not know how this would work scientifically but I think you should be ok. It is advised that you use back up such as a condom or foam if you miss one of the pink pills but it should be ok during the last week.

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