Is it bad for a guy to cum in you when your on birth control?

If your girlfriend, wife, lover, etc. is on the pill, is it safe to cum in her? I assume its safe but I want other peoples input on it. include stories if youd like

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It's safe-er. But not fool proof. There is still a chance that the woman can become pregnant...especially if she forgot to take her pill that day she could become pregnant. They recommend that you take your pill at exactly the same time every day for it to work effectively. I am on the pill and I never let guys cum in me unless they ask. Only I know when it's ok and you really not even do it at all. I allow it sometimes as a favor to the guy because I think they enjoy it. I've never been pregnant before but that doesn't mean the girl your with wont get pregnant I you take my advise. The only fool proof way to not get her preg is to not cum in her. But if you take my advise it will at least reduce your chances of getting her pregnant. Helpful hint: Women are usually ovulating between day 11-14 after their period. That is when they can become pregnant...usually although some start earlier or later than others. try cumming in her right after or before her period. That's what I do.

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...there's ALWAYS a chance of pregnancy...

with or without birth control
with or without a condom
with or without BOTH

birth control can I still get pregnant if he cums inside?
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no it's not safe. not against pregnancy nor stds. if you're going to have sex, you and your partner both have to be responsible enough to do it. and just because you're grown doesn't mean you're always being responsible. birth control isn't enough. always use condoms. and if you're in a committed relationship and ready to take the condom off, you both have to be tested for stds and hiv. be responsible. one mistake can effect you for life.

Birt control and a guy cums in her will se get pregnant?
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The pill is over 99% effective when taken properly (no late/missed pills, or vomitting or diarrhea) but that's still not completely effective. So it's a point. You really need to talk to the girl about what she's happy about...after all she'd be the one getting pregnant.
Also remember the only thing that protects against STIs are condoms so both get checked out before having sex without a condom and only do it if you are certain neither of you are sleeping with anyone else.
Hope this helps x

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If she drinks the pill as she should and aren't on medication etc and all those things that can influence the pills effectiveness then it is 99.9 % effective, so you are then pretty well protected, but nothing is full proof.

I spoke to my doctor though the other day and she said the majority of women that come to her that fall pregnant while on the pill (which isn't a large number) usually did something wrong when using it.

What is cum
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yeah, just so long as shes ok with it!
my friend was on the pill and her boyfriend thought that just because she was on the pill he could just do her without asking her first, of course she was asleep and she woke up and was pissed off, he thought she was on the pill but she wasnt and ended up getting pregnant!
just make sure she is ACTUALLY on the pill!

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no its not safe
not all the time the pill works

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