How bad does the birth control implant in your arm hurt?

When they put in it does it hurt really bad? On a scale of 1-10 how bad? Also what is some other info. on it? Can someone explain the process of how they put in in and everything?

Answer #1

uhm they numb it . the shot hurts a bit. but it also depends how your skin is. Mine is thick “they say” so it hurt like a pinch but when the numbing goes away *8 hours. it hurts you cant sleep on it for a while. but other than that. . you can also go to google & ask about implanon implant & they will show you what it looks like & where it goes. & how they do. uhm 4 but when the numb goes away 6.

Answer #2

Personally I am not a fan of any implants in or on your body…if you can avoid it I would…

Answer #3

Mine didn’t hurt at all

Answer #4

Woah,kay sorry i’m not really answering your question,but they made a birth control implant now?! O_O whaaa? I have never heard of that

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