Is it safe for a child to live with a bipolar parent?

Is it safe for a child to live with a bipolar parent? That takes everything over board?

Answer #1

Well bipolar is not a type of psychosis, so in itself it does not make a person safe or unsafe?

It depends on what type of person the parent is, bipolar is not really the issue here… Also whether the person is on medications, whether they have any other problems… etc etc…

Answer #2

if they take medication. if they dont take there anger out on other people than yes. but if they dont and do the stuff I just said then no!

Answer #3

My mom is bipolar. And I’m just fine. I think it just depends on what your parent is like. Such as: Overprotective, mean, nice, etc., etc. So I would say you’re fine(: Just be careful of what you say. (:

Answer #4

mah dads bipolar and he takes medication and itz fine he used tah yell at me an d mah bruthers for the stupidist things but they still human :)

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