What's the biggest meal you've ordered for yourself at Mc Donalds?


Answer #1

Big mac, but overhere they are literally like rubber, we have much nicer fast food places with healthier foods and it isn’t really big, gets smaller every year.

Answer #2

When I was little, my parents always got me one big mac combo, and I was always full from it, but I always wanted to get two big macs lol. Believe it or not, the first time I experienced eating two big macs was this year 2010 lol Anyways my biggest feed I bought for myself from Macca’s was 2 big mac combo’s and a mighty angus lol

Answer #3

a happy meal :) i dont eat alot haha x

Answer #4

Wow, thats the biggest meal yet lol kidding.

Answer #5

The McRib meal and some angus swiss and mushroom thing meal. It was good.

Answer #6

50 piece chicken nuggets. :]

Answer #7

I think I might have eaten 20 McNuggets once. I can’t remember for sure though. My friend might have helped, haha.

Answer #8

wow just nuggets?

Answer #9

It came with sauce too. :P

Answer #10

I brought 3 cheesburgers without the meat patties once, I actually wasn’t even full when I finished them hahaha

Answer #11

nice! haha

Answer #12

haha i know right! :) thats all i ever get a cheese burger happy meal lol x

Answer #13

Big breakfast platter with hot cakes

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