Biggest fear!

What is your biggest fear?

Answer #1

my mom dyingg . goingg to helll . lovee . unclee dyingg .

Answer #2

Clowns and love <—(its super scary!!!)

Answer #3

dying alone and not being loved.

Answer #4

dying alone!

Answer #5

Being alone in life

Answer #6

being alone… never finding love, or not being loved in return…

Answer #7

losing my lady but nothing else

Answer #8

Spiders I can’t get anywhere near them. If I see a spider in my bedroom I won’t go in there till it’s gone.

Answer #9

flying in a plane growing up to be poor and unsuccesful not marrying cars

Answer #10

My brother or sister getting kidnapped. Basically loosing my family. Their your number one priorities ♥

Answer #11

this sounds like I lie, but I honestly dont fear anything

Answer #12

My parents getting killed or one of my close relations.

Answer #13

falling in love just ot have my heart broken

Answer #14

fallinn in lovee and my mom dyingg .

Answer #15

losing the ones I love…

Answer #16


Answer #17

umm hehe alone, spiders,love,pain

Answer #18

Heights,I will get dizzy and the rest you dont wanna know

Answer #19

Killing someone out of revenge.

Answer #20

hights an bein alone in lyfe

Answer #21

hights an bein alone in lyfe

Answer #22

loving someone that doesn’t love you. my best friend or my mom or dad dying.

Answer #23


Answer #24

My biggest fear, having people who are criminals take advantage of me. I have another fear, when I’m close to vehicles and they start up and rev the engine, I’m always afraid I might get run over. I have others but, those two are my biggest fears.

Answer #25

Well im a total baby but im scared of:

  • Losing my mom, -Losing my friend melanie( shes in a gang)
  • Losing my best friends -Being lonely -Killing myself and causing my friends and family so much pain
  • Gettin pregnant before im married
Answer #26

mirrors. being watched. being followed. mirrors because ever since the movie mirrors came out the commercial stuck with me. darn my memory

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