Best friend dating my crush.

Ok. So my sister has this really cute super funny and nice friend that I like. But he likes my best friend. And their going out. But she asked me first and I told her it was ok. I talked to another friend about it and she told me to tell her how I feal. So I did. Now both me and my best friend feal really bad. So I told her to just stay with him…but heres the thing: she never talks to him when he is at my house, they have absoultly nothing in common, and she barley remembers anything about him…ask me a question about him and I could tell u, I talk to him all the time when he is over and when ever I look at him I catch my self smiling. what do I do???

Answer #1

honestly you need too tell it too your friend straight, if shes really your best friend she shouldnt get mad

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