I think my best friend is dating my crush

I think my best friend is dating the guy I like. we were talking on the phone yesterday and I asked her if she was dating any one, and she said yes, and I asked who it was,and she said she wont tell me,that its a secret. before all this happend she told me to get over him before april. what should I do I dont want to not beleave her if she’s telling the truth but am I wrong to find out for good if she is of not! I dont know what to think. please please help me!!

Answer #1

I dont think she is dating the guy you like because if she was she wouldnt have even told you she was dating someone she would have just kept it a secret. and if you dont beleive her, thats ok too because if she was a good friend, she would tell you. but anyway, if you like this guy, then obviously you 2 are close, so next time you see him like at school or hangin out or church or at the mall or at the movies or WHEREVER, just be like “I heard you were going out with -?- (her name) is it true” he will give you your answer and he wont even think anything of it. and if he tells your friend and she asks you about it, just be like “u didn’t tell me so I just asked” or “I just couldnt wait for you to tell me because I cant wait for surprises so I just asked a few people I thought it could be” (even if you only asked him so shes not curious) and alsodoes she know you like him? because if she does and if she really is dating him then that is either a bad friend or a good friend making a bad mistake well hope I helped and good luck

Answer #2

first off if your best friends you should know exactly wwho she is dating. like come on? your pathetic.

Answer #3

why would she say before april? mysterious, I say either she is or she doesn’t think that you’ll like who she’s with

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