Best friend is dating my crush

some who I thought was my friend is going out with this guy who I have liked for 8 months.. should I have been more open and gone out with him while I could, or is this ‘friend’ in the wrong?!

Answer #1

The person above is wrong. Your friend shouldn’t feel obligated to not go out with someone she wants to, just because you do too. No one needs to wait for you to make a move, so yea, it’s your fault.

Answer #2

nup that is wrong - if she knew you liked him she should neva go out with him. you r right to feel upset. have you spoken to her about it - be up front and tell her the truth. if she doesn’t either give him up or have a good explanation then I would have to advise to take a break from her as a friend. Good luck - and there will b a guy out there JUST for you!

Answer #3

I agree with thecool if you liked him why didnt you ask him out or at least tell him no-one will wait for u you have to know that you cant just call your friend a b!tch for going out with a guy you had a chance to go out with for 8 months…thats long enough the world doesnt revolve around u, hun get over it..its life.

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