Will running help me lose belly fat?

will runing help me lose belly fat?

Answer #1

Of course any exercise will help increase your fitness, but you will find it very difficult to lose weight just by running! Although incredibly annoying, and I share this problem, weight loss comes from a mix of exercise but also healthy diet too. So you could try running several times a week but also try to cut down on the amount of food you eat, or cut out snacks between meals. You could also try other exercise other than running, and find a type of sport that you really enjoy, if you enjoy the exercise you are doing, you will find that you are better motivated and will be well on your way to losing that belly fat! Hope this helps!

Answer #2

of course I ran cross-country throughout high school.. when people tell you running alone wont help you lose weight they’re wrong… think of it like this if you never ran before for fitness.. then your body wont be use to it… you will burn a lot of calories..a good run is about 30-60 mins.. take it slow at first and work your way up..I will add some weights into my workout.. like lunges with hand weight.. quick sprits and jumping rope.. make sure you stretch and warm up and cool-down.. so you dont get hurt.. take it slow though at first.. get a watch try jogging for at least 2 mins at a slow pace then walk for a sec and work your way up…before though and drink pently of water.. if you would like to know anything else about weigh loss,, eating disorders etc… email me at missbtful@aol.com… ill be happy to answer any questions

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