How long to wait to play soccer after a belly button piercing?

I am getting my belly button pierced at the end of the month but I am scared because I play soccer.. how long should I wait until I play again??

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You should probley ask the professional that does it. They will know better then us probley. I have mine done, but I've had it done for a while so I'm not sure. When you go and get it done, ask the person then. But, if you want to know ahead of time, just call the piercing place and I'm sure they will tell you.

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I Was in gymnastics and had mine done I also cheered and played basket ball just put a bandaid over your pierceing and it will be safe.
my uncle is a professtional piecer

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Well, you can tell when. when you forget you have your belly button pierced. In about a month or so.

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I play as well and I put a band-aid over mine and then athletic tape over it and it was all good. You just have to be really careful.

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