How long should I wait to get my belly button re-pierced?

Okay so I got my bellybutton pierced in May 2009. It never healed really, but was never infected. It never hung right either and all together I don’t think that it was pierced right. If you would’ve seen it you would agree. Anyway on day in December I looked down and I noticed you could see the bar through my skin (rejection) so I took it out it NEVER hurt. But now I have a scar and I really want to get it re done, but this time im going to try titanium becuase I might have been allergic to the metals cuasing it to not heal. so how long should I wait?

Answer #1

You cannot get it pierced in the same place as you had it before, So it might be crooked this time around.

If you are sure you want to try, then I think you should just get it done now, as long as its healed. But you should ask a piercer anyway.

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