How long do i have to wait to swim after a belly button piercing?

I'm getting a belly button ring soon. I was wondering how long I will have to wait before I can go swimming at the beach and in the pool. I'm getting it probably in March or April, Will I be able to swim this summer?

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Hi boredom410,

Piercers recommend you wait a month after your piercing to go swimming in chlorinated pools.

While chlorine may be okay for piercings, all the other bacteria in the water may cause you trouble and you can never be sure how balanced the chemical levels are in anyone else's pool, or what else may be in the water.

More than anything, you will want to make sure that you clean your piercing afterwards.

If you can't get to some antibacterial soap and water, try keeping a bottle of Ear Care, Bactine or saline with you to squirt it off afterwards.

Definitely think twice before going in any hot tubs, oceans, quarries or lakes, where the water quality may be even more questionable.

Good luck with the piercing!

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Yeah It Will Be Fine...I Have Ha Myn Done On The 23rd Of February And Its Not Got Infected...I Am going am going swimming tommorow for the first time and I have had my belly done for 3 weeks so fingers crossed for me...and yours will be fine...Trust Me!! ♥

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I went in the pool the day i got it it was fine but i dont know if i was supposed to. But the pool had low clorine but the beach is a different story i think i waited a month just make sure you clean it really well after with Bactine or soap water and a cue tip hope that helps! Oh yeah and you will deff be able to swim this summer

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...the pool has nothin to doo wit anything hehe...i did mine mi self nd was swimming wit in hours at a public pool...although mi daddy didnt no soo i was kinda staying in the water soo he didnt see in mi opinioun its fine but others would say u gotta wait but even doctors nd stuff say it takes 4 weeks to a year sooo ull deffinetly be fine mi the summer :)

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do not listen to nirvana 1717 in regard to doing the piercing yourself because it will get infected. a belly button piercing is an open wound and it is prone to getting infected easily if u jump in the pool or beach soon after. give it time to heal. wait at least a month.

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Its fine to go swimming right after your belly button is done.I did and nothing happen.If you go swimming in the ocean though its gonna sting because it salt water.My husband use to be a piercer and so I know alittle about it so its fine.

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when I got my belly button pierced the piercer said you can go swimming after 6 weeks and your not aloud to bath with bubble bath because it could cause irratation and also he told me to wait a year to change it but the other piercer told me 6 months, my friend had her belly bar in for 6 weeks before she changed hers and when she changed it the bar was much smaller and it pinched the skin and caused a blister because it was not heeled properly so I think you should wait at least 6 weeks before you go swimming :)

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My friends piercer said to leave it at least a week. When I got mine I didnt ask but I think a month is correct. Also her piercer said not to change it for 8 weeks but my piercer said 12 weeks :P Im confused lol

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