who belives in past lives and if you do what is your opinon on them?

Answer #1

i do. but i don’t belive that everyone has a past life. i belive that only the ones that had a specific mission in this world,and died before they acomplished it, will be born again later to acomplish it. God only gives second chances for those who deserve it.

Answer #2

ok, no offense to anyone here we all have the right to believe what we believe…so here is my answer!

I believe in past lives…remember the saying: “your soul never dies…it keeps going on…only your body decays…” there is a reason for that saying…so yes, I do believe that we all have had not just one past life…that fact that we have “de ja vu…”(meaning when we have never been in a place before yet it seems so familiar to you a if you have already been there & seen that exact vision! Chances are…that is because we have been there…in a past life! I think this issue is so fascinating…awesome post brent!:)

Answer #3

In the buddhist religion, you keep being reincarnated until you learn all you’re supposed you stop coming back, instead you reach nirvana, which means, then end of all suffering. They don’t really know what it is exactly, but it’s a spiritual state. I’m not sure whether or not I believe it, but it’s cool to think about.

Answer #4

man i like yalls ansers lol

Answer #5

very cool to think about

Answer #6

like i said awesome post!♥

Answer #7

lol thanks

Answer #8

I also believe in past lives, im also very curious about them and one day i wish to try past life regression etc. I think past lives of the individuals today are very interesting who knows who we all were ;)

Answer #9

yea i have wanted to do one of those to but it will prolly never happen

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