How many lives have you chosen?

How many lives have you chosen? Is this your last life?

Answer #1

Can we have a link to this ‘research’? Peer reviewed papers in a respected journal would be good. Thanks.

Answer #2

Their is no set number of lives. Novus’ research finds an average of 30 lives, yet some will have only 1, and others will have over 100. Each personwill choose how many lives are needed. It is merely a decision about how fast you wish to reach your level of perfection. Living on earth is the fastest way to attain your level.

Answer #3

who knows I have dreams of what may be past lives if so then so far I’m counting 3 maybe 4 but I don’t recall choosing any lol

Answer #4

This is my fifteenth reincarnation. Because I’m perverse, every single one has been as a skeptic who doesn’t believe there’s any credible evidence for reincarnation. Because there’s not.

Answer #5

I chose 6 I thought it sounded like a cool number im on my third its not to grate the first one I was the queen of eglend it was pretty chillen last one though I was in da hollocaust that suked


Answer #6

38- to tap in to rememberence the answer is hypnosis, pastlife regression, which has helped a lot of people overcome a lot of negatives in this life time.

Answer #7

who realy knows until we die aging

Answer #8

lol :)

hmm hopefully it’s the last one

Answer #9

I wish I could remember past lives as well as this ^ guy.

Answer #10

I wish I could remember past lives as well as this ^ guy.

Answer #11

uhhh…3?…what wrong with you??

Answer #12

we only have 2 lives . life on earth , and the life after death which is in heaven or hell ,

Answer #13

what what you do to try to remember past lives?

Answer #14

Hm2m. if your refering to the bible we can have 3 lifes. the life were born into, the new life if we accept Jesue. and the afterlife heven or hell.. Jesus said that after we accept him we are born aging into a new life. peace

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