Do you belive in rebirth after death?

Answer #1

afterlife, why not… im coming back as catherine zeta jones tampax.

no i dont believe it

Answer #2

I don’t believe too but some guys are badly effected by this.

Answer #3

Nope don’t believe in that kind of talk. But there is this small 1 % inside of me that says what if?

Answer #4

Not one bit………. No one was ever me and no one will ever be me besides me. (:

Answer #5

Yes I do - fully and faithfully. Our body is a vessel that contains our actual being - some call it a soul and that works for me, as well. The soul - being made of energy - can’t die, so it requires a new vessel after the current one expires. We are born into a new life - the kind of life we will have depends on our karmic balance.

Answer #6

na i dont.

Answer #7


Answer #8

Yup, very much.

Answer #9

LMAO, LOLLLL Matty, “catherine zeta jones tampax” That is the funniest thing I have read on here.

Answer #10

I do. I like to think that once you die you get reborn into like an animal, plant, and the lucky ones get to be another person. So yeah, I do believe in the afterlife. :)

Answer #11

I do. I like to think that once you die you get reborn into like an animal, plant, and the lucky ones get to be another person. So yeah, I do believe in the afterlife. :)

Answer #12

That outlook really helped me deal with my father’s death years ago. It is a very comforting belief, and it often gives me something to look forward to while keeping me somewhat in line.

Answer #13

I agree … to be honest, there are days when I’m afraid to die, knowing that I’ll be leaving behind my loved ones, but at the same time, there is comfort in knowing that I likely won’t remember them, therefore, I won’t be burdened with grief.

Answer #14

No. I don’t believe that. It’s a nice dream that people cling to because they can’t bear the thought that there will be an end to their existence.

Answer #15

yes,and i find it interesting. My uncle once told me about some guy who was leading a war in france, but he had never actully been to france or anything but when he got there he knew all roads…

Answer #16

nope, I don’t.

Answer #17

in rebirth no, but in afterlife yes; these are two different things in a way. Rebirth is also reincarnation which is pretty much a buddhist and hindu idea, but after life is present in almost all religions, in which a soul is free from the earthly world and is either connected to the energy of the universe or up with god. i believe in afterlife and wish there was reincarnation cuz it would be kinda cool

Answer #18

If you believe so surely then can i ask one question.If somebody come with police to you with perfect plan and s/he accuse you of killing of any people in your previous life,What will you do?Will you say no way or you will believe and surrender?

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Answer #20

I believe you get one life, if you live it right you go to heaven. If you live it wrong, you are sent back. In a way I feel the Earth is the infamous “hell”. Follow the commandments, follow the word of the lord, and you get to spend eternity in Paradise w him and many others. Live a life of deceit, evil, and go against the word of our Lord, you are sent back for what can be seen as another “chance” to redeem yourself.

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Answer #23

Well, thats not how I believe it works. I believe that we learn certain things in each life and whatever we do in a previous life, we are appropriately punished or rewarded in the life we live now. In those punishments or rewards, we still grow spiritually. I don’t believe in the awareness of past lives, or that we should be directly punished for the wrongdoings of our past lives. Thats a little too obvious. So to answer your question: No, I would not go. I can’t say I murdered someone in my past life. Just because I believe in reincarnation does not mean I will blindly follow any crackpot spewing nonsense of what went on in my past lives.

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