Who believes that swipeauction is a scam?

My dad apparently got scammed from swipeauction yesterday and is very upset. He is supposedly getting a refund for all of the money taken out of my moms bank account. (every penny that was in there) I don’t know if he’ll actually get it back, I’m hoping he can get in on a law suit if one is started.

Answer #1

take out the spaces

Answer #2

I’d say it absolutely is…just a quick check on Google has brought up numerous complaints and reports of it being a scam. It’s important to always do research into an organization before attempting to get involved.

Answer #3

pretty much what id have said… if summet is too good to be true then it neally always is. tell your dad to stick to the known and trusted auction sites.

UK banks have teh ability to swipe money back. see if your bank can do it.

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