Are all make money online websites a scam?

I am just woundering if anyone knows of any legit sites that I can go to and make some cash online, they all look like scams to me, but if anyone actually dose it and it works please let me know the site and around how much money you make. Thank you very much. :) oh and if you know of any that look legit but are scams please tell me that also. Thanks!

Answer #1

google does it. idr exactly how but basically you put up their advertisements on your web pages and wenever someone goes to one of the links, you get a small amount of money.

Answer #2

I am not sure about any websites to make money online. I would share my money making experience. I am doing the reselling(online) business to make money. I am earning more than $250USD/month by doing the reselling business. I got the reseller account from . and earning by selling domain names, hosting plans, SSL certificates etc. This is one of the safe and secure online business.You can do this business from your home itself. You don’t need to spend more time for this business. Just bring the customer for your reselling business. They are providing very good customer service and support.

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