Paid Surveys; are they all scams?

I am trying to take online paid surveys and find out that most of them are scams. Is it possible that I can make money from taking surveys? If so, which websites I should visit. please help me…

Answer #1

I have been using about 30 paid survey sites.

The best way to make money doing surveys is to sign up for MANY survey companies that pay. That said, no one will get “rich” doing surveys, unless they are registered with almost every survey company out there. I do surveys, and believe me, I can’t earn a living on my surveys. I can, however, make life a little more comfortable for myself.

The survey companies that pay (or offer compensation) are too numerous to list here. I will provide a link below for you, so that you can sign up for different companies. One IMPORTANT thing to remember is to NEVER EVER pay a company to get you the “insider’s track” on survey companies. The companies that OFFER these “services” are fraudulent. They have you PAY for information that you could find on your own, if you just search the internet.

Now, for the link. I could provide you with my own referral links, but I will not do so here, because I would just like to help you out. One REALLY GREAT site that has a listing of survey companies (there are MANY and you have to weed through the ones that may or may not apply to you) is the gurus eye. In the survey section, you will find a tremendous amount of survey sites. Here you go: This is the main link that I give to friends who want to get into surveys and such. It is the most extensive legitimate list that I have seen thus far.

This site has a lot to offer such as video tutorials, video reviews of paid survey sites, and free tools to help you take surveys faster.

P.S. Don’t forget! Make yourself a separate email account JUST for your survey companies. If you don’t, your regular email box will fill up rather quickly! Just a tip!

Answer #2

^o) you should know this already.. whos going to give you money for takin a simple survey which you may not even write the truth in?? =S nothing comes free love. =) xx

Answer #3

no they are not I belong to many panels that I have gotten paid from the info is out there you just have to search for it a rule of thumb if they ask you to pay for anything run away. these are market research companies that are getting paid for your opinion not vice versa

Answer #4

Well I have been working online for quite a few years now. I did start out with things like survey sites and ppc and stuff like that. Well I did have to go through some growing pains and find out that most were scams and if they were not they required a ton of effort and time to make a few cents. Well finally I found success in affiliate marketing. No stress of recruiting people and others are actually coming to me for what they need. I have gone through a website where i got lot of information about paid surveys. You can visit the website.

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