Who believes in the Illuminati?

Answer #1

Believe in them? Lul i KNOW they are (were) real

Answer #2

now they are just like a gang who worships the devil…

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Answer #4

Lol I first came across this term in Dan brown’s book ‘angels and demons’.. At the time I thought that there was no such thing called illuminati and that Dan brown had made it up. But slowly I found the facts,it was pretty interesting and I watched this video on YouTube that showed the illuminati in the music industry. It was pretty long but yeah, it’s hard not to believe after watching that.. I know they were real but I don’t know If they are still active.. Some say they are active, some say they’re not..

Answer #5

I believe they changed their name to Anonymous and took up a different political agenda… You know, focused heavily on getting megaupload back online.

Answer #6

its true in america…

Answer #7

Long live free internet tranquility!

Answer #8

There are and have been a number of groups that have called themselves Illuminati. It is unlikely that any existing group is a successor of the Enlightenment era secret society Bavarian Illuminati. There are still secret societies with powerful influential members. The Bilderberg Group is probably the one with the most actual power and influence.

Answer #9

No but beilieve in the illumination card game

Answer #10

No but beilieve in the illumination card game

Answer #11

no idea what that is

Answer #12

They have actually hidden a lot of FNORDs around here. Can you see the FNORDs?

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