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Do you believe in the Slenderman?

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if you don't know who the slenderman is he is a really tall man in a black suit with abnormal features like his arms reach down to nearly the ground, he can teleport, strech his limbs and has no face, ears, or hair, he has black tenticles coming out of his back and is beleived to take children into the woods and disapear. he kills anyone who seas him. it is beleived that he was a creation of the us government that is a half man half octapuss who escaped. there are sevral things that are beleived to be based from him. #1 the character nergal from the grim adventers of billy and mandy. #2 the ender men from minecraft. #3 several movies movies with the bad guy as a very tall white man of wich his face is not seen and is to have peranormal abilities.