Who believes in the name elohim? Or yehushua?

I want to know if any is out there that believes in those names.. I wanna make sure I’m not the only one.

Answer #1


Answer #2

I do

Answer #3

I Do. I do. Do you also know of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Answer #4

Do I believe the names exist? Yes. Is Elohim used in the Torah for G-d? Yes. Is Yehoshua, the Hebrew name for Joshua? Yes. Is Yeshua used by Messianic Jews, Hebrew Christians, Rastafarians, and several Christian denominations as Jesus’ Hebrew name? Yes

Did you mean to ask if we believe in G-d and Jesus? or just if we believe the names are used and exist?

Answer #5

What do you mean by believe in those names? Be more specific.

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