Do you believe the saying that everyone has an identical twin somewhere?

Answer #1

No, because they would need the same mother and father in the same pregnancy, I think we all have someone who looks just like us though.

Answer #2

I think that’s what they mean.

Answer #3

maybe identical “doppleganger” would be better

Answer #4

Well it’s not really correct to say identical twin, but yes I bet a lot of people do gave someone, except those with illnesses or something wrong that prevents them looking like someone else

Answer #5

yeah that works

Answer #6

Maybe not an identical twin but a look alike perhaps. One of my teachers found her look alike and she was a model lol. They have similar features but not identical.

Answer #7

By ‘identical twin’, you mean somebody completely random that shares a striking resemblance to you, right? Well yeah I do believe that. There is a woman who lives in my area that looks exactly like my mum! Haha it’s so weird, I always go up to her and then FAIL it’s not her :| I hope to one day meet my twin :O

Answer #8

my bad, ty.

Answer #9

Nope I don’t think anyone else looks like me:p

Answer #10

I do believe that you have another person that’s close to the same appearance as you. I have one that’s in my school and looks exactly like me, she’s two years younger than me but everyone thinks that she’s my sister. However, she acts nothing like me and hasn’t the same personality. She has a different dress sense to me but yet our features are very similar

Answer #11

I don’t think so, meaby that someone who looks like me in some way or form, then that meaby yes. I have seen so many people that look alike, amd that can achually be mistaken by sister or brother. But if your talking about the myth that everybody has a pearson that looks like them and they are the opposite of you and live an opposite life, then no, i don’t believe in that.

Answer #12

i will take this question one step further, if people believe that they are one in a milloin and there are 7 billion people on earth does that mean there are 7000 people exactly like you out there? like i to think so lol

Answer #13

maybe you’re unique.;)

Answer #14

ya i think so

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