How to balance fantasy and reality?

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Fantasy is whatever you cant touch. Reality is everything else.

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so Happiness is nothing but a fantasy?

Do you understand the difference between reality and fantasy?

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You can touch happiness.

sheltered reality
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In what sense? I'm not entirely sure what you're asking or referring to.

Have you ever felt like dreams are better then reality?

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there is no balance in reality and fantasy

fantasies are childish thoughts that let you escape for a second or two just to be dragged back down to the real world....

if you are consumed by fantasy you are a pretty sad...... and should consider a career in the church,,,,

Was this a dream or reality?!
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Australia's balance of payments

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i don't believe in God. I'm not consumed in fantasy but i use it as an escape outlet

Who all has heard of the Power Balance wristband?

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