Is it bad that I can't get a tampon in my vagina and I'm 15?

Answer #1

no its not every woman is different. as for me i cant use them cos i dont like the feel of them

Answer #2

No, that’s not bad at all. To be honest, I couldn’t use tampons until after I lost my virginity, which was only this year.

Answer #3

You might just be trying to use the wrong size? Try small ones for a light flow and they might fit better. if not then you’re totally normal, just don’t use tampons. (:

Answer #4

it took me quite some time to actually put one in without feeling it.

Answer #5

Well when i put mine in i used to used lubrication until i could do it dry.

Answer #6

you should never have to do it dry ‘cause surely if you’re bleeding it’d be damp yeah? you should NEVER insert a tampon unless you need it as it increases your risk of TSS unnecessarily.

Answer #7

well yeah i only use them when the bleeding is unnormal but usually i use pads

Answer #8

well yeah i only use them when the bleeding is unnormal but usually i use pads

Answer #9

no it not bad i try to start using a tampon but it was hard for as well i couldnt make it stay in and half of the time i was scared cause i thought it would get stuck but last month i i use one it feels funny at frist but after a while you get use to it just take your time and relax it will work out for you

Answer #10

well just read the directions on the box. when you put one on, you shouldnt feel anything at all. Like Emily said, it maybe the size, depending on the flow. But if you’re not comfortable with it in, then maybe its just not your time to wear them.

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