Bad systems with little choices

I think the system of this country is not good we dont have many choices check this out for example when we have to go throuhg the highway there is not other way we have to pass for the toll to pay the 40 cents or something like that and we have to turn twice the same way when clearly can we have a short way to do it.

Another example when the train changes and going local there is no other train going express.,and we have to be in that train even if we dont want to.

And for last everybody has to have digital tv or a converter next year I like dtv but mostly We are forced to do many things so where is the democracy? We need to have more choices.

Answer #1

you think thats it? you have bigger problems than time delays and highways mate…

you have poverty, disease and other things and youre on about those kinda problems in the US? you try living where I am (albania) we have no roads in the city where we can walk across normally not to mention the problems with the pay and the prices we have trouble with electricity which should be available to everypone 24/7 but isnt here…

now think how many choices YOU have compared to me

stop whining!

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