Would it be bad to say your a pyro?

i don’t necessarily love fire, but i do enjoy how it looks and when i burn leaves…or paper…or anything that looks fun to burn.

Answer #1

Would it be bad, no. Alot of people call themselves a pyro. Would it be highly innaccurate, yes.

Answer #2

then what would i be called? :P cause fire is pretty intresting.

Answer #3

Technically it would be incorrect. Pyromania is thought to be a mental disorder. But whatever…

Answer #4

Nothing. You think fire is interesting. So do I. It doesnt have to have a name.

Answer #5

Would it be bad to say you’re a pyro? No, you can say what you want. Would it be bad to start random fires just to feel the thrill of it? HELL YES.

Answer #6

Theres a differance do you just like fire or do you want to watch things be destroyed cus if its the latter than yes

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