why have i got really bad period pains now ? when they wasnt bad before ?

Answer #1

Have you lost a lot of weight recently? I know you were trying to. Weight changes mess with all kinds of stuff in your body, and that may be a big factor.

Answer #2

nope i havnt lost any weight at all :/

Answer #3

Hmmm, any changes at all then?

Answer #4

nope :/ it feels like im giving birth >.< i mean ive never suffered from period pains before only bad headaches :/

Answer #5

It differs period to period honestly…you may think this is your worse one, but I am sure there will be worst cramps in the future!

Answer #6

Mine is bad some months and others they are not.

How long have you had your period for? Sometimes you don’t get period cramps initially, but with later periods you do get them.

Try a heating pad, and ibuprofen. Exercise also helps a LOT to relieve them and them some magnesium and potassium for the cramping.

Answer #7

i started my periods like 2 maybe 3 years ago and i do take paracetamol when i have the cramp :/

Answer #8

I rarelt ever get cramps, but when I do I feel like I’m dying. I almost feel badly for getting so annoyed when people complain about their cramps. Even though even when I do get them I still dont complain. =/

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