Bacterial infecion =(

ok so I went to the gyne and they called me back and said I have a bacterial infection (yeast infection I guess) and I have to be put on an antibiotic. well they called my prescription into the pharmacy and it came to $81 effin dollars! I dont have that so what should I do? can I take over the counter yeast infection medicine and you think it'll work the same? I just dont wanna not do nuttn bout it...

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I had a yeast infection also and they didnt charge me $81.00! Thats outrageous. I would go back to the doctor and set up a payment plan maybe? Or if that doesnt work than definately take over the counter. Because it can get serious and it will lead to over grown bactieria inside your coochie. And then you will have to take more meds! So good luck with that! Hope you get it all worked out

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Yeast is not a bacteria it is a fungus and *n antibitotic will only treat bacteria. Using an antifungal will not get rid of what you have. you can call your Gyn and tell them you can't afford the prescription and ask if there is something cheaper that wlll treat it as effectively, but what she prescribed may be the most effective to use

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