Why don't people wash their hands after being on the toilet?

Alrighty, so I havent posted a question for a while but there is something that is bothering me. Why are some people so against washing their hands after they have been to the toilet? Is it lazyness? Is it because you think there isnt any point? Is it because you just dont like the idea of washing your hands? Is it because people might think you are a clean-freak?

And people, when I say “washing hands” I mean with an anti-bacterial soap and water.

Please, for anyone who doesnt wash their hands, tell me why you dont because im struggling to understand. Thanks, ciao x

Answer #1

I think they don’t care. I think about it mostly when I’m in a public restroom, opening doors and shaking hands. Gross!!!

Answer #2

LAZYBONEZ, these peeps should wash there hands instead of giving us swine flu and shiz

Answer #3

First of all - you don’t ‘need’ antibacterial soap - regular soap does the job just as well.

From my understanding - it’s laziness…there’s really no other reason for it.

Answer #4

Yeah its got to be laziness. Cause washing you hands doesnt make you a clean freak. Or maybe they like their hands to smell like pee? Its gross

Answer #5

I think the reason is that they do not care.

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