Backward Time Travel

I know that you can travel forward in time by traveling close to the speed of light, by spending time on different planets, by traveling further from the Earth’s center of gravity, traveling through a wormhole,cryonics (if that counts), etc., many many different ways, but I have never found a theoretically possible way to travel backwards in time. Is there a theoretically possible way to travel back in time, disregarding traveling through some sort of womhole which can’t actually be scientifically proved,? If so, please tell how and what method. Please give suggestions. Thank You.

Answer #1

From what I’ve read, time travel into the past is impossible. You can open a portal , and if it remains open for two years you can send stuff back from the future (we’re talking about atoms or molecules, a penny is too huge). If you want to see Caesar or Hitler I say it is impossible. We shouldn’t even enterfere with history ;)

Answer #2

Time is unidirectional. you cannot travel back in time, however, you can accelerate the progression of time forward.

I know this leads to all the questions like “suppose you travel so far into the future that time folds back on itself”. however, there is far too little information available about the nature of space/time, and most information that is available is speculatory in nature (no duh right?).

Answer #3

I believe that if time travel were one day possible, a person would only be able to travel back in time to the point when the first time travel machine was invented.

As no such machine has yet been invented, this is the reason why we have not been swamped with tourists from the future.


Answer #4

“ Its all the same f*ckin day man “ Janis Joplin in the 60’s any thoughts??

Answer #5

What if there is no different time, only different dimentions of space which could be related to or called “ different times “. ???

Answer #6

Well, time machine had been dreamed off but not realized. I don’t think it is possible to travel to the history like the WWII period or anything before that.

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