How would freezing time work ?

As in the show Heroes, Hiro Nakamura freezes time … so I wonder would he not just…die ? Since time freezes, so do the particles in air, so no oxygen, no gravity to control , or no pressure to keep him in place, no friction … ? Any explanations or ideas ? XD

Answer #1

you overthink too much. lmao

Answer #2

You do over think and you should think about getting a girlfriend…lmao. OWNED!!!

Answer #3

k. when time freezes, in theory, your traveling at the speed of light. SO.. your body slows down. the faster your moving, lets say ina space ship, the slower you breath and your heart beats, once you reach light speed you literally stop or are near dang close to stoping all bodily functions, the question is whether or not you can still move and interact, which you can because in existance relative to you, your everything else is moving slow.

read the elegant universe.

Answer #4

who’s to say he isn’t? or at least using some kind of temporal field to replicate this. but all in all it’s a moot point. it is meant for entertainment, just pointing out plausible theories.

Answer #5

Time dilation refers to relative time. Unless Hiro were blasting across the surface of the earth at close to the speed of light, this would not apply.

Answer #6

well, as you probably know by now, time is nothing but a figment of the human imagination. it is only around because human want to quantify everything. with that being said, I believe it would be more accurate to say he is using time dilation.

it’s really too technical to really get into here but here’s a link.

Answer #7

sam is right you over think things to much

Answer #8

Heh, that’s a pretty good point. He shouldn’t be able to move, either, since each molecule of gas around him would be frozen in place. If the air can’t move around him, it would be like being encased in stone.

But I think the accepted explanation for all this is the MST3K philosophy: ‘repeat to yourself it’s just a show, I should really just relax.’

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