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I read that if you travel at the speed of light you can go back or forwards in time…how is this possible, I’m finding it hard to understand! Can someone please explain?

Answer #1

all Einstein’s theories are based on the fact that it is impossible to overtake light.

and one theory says, that if a particular object would exceed the speed of light, it would have a negative weight.

and it is for current human literally impossible to imagine an object with negative weight. but that is now. before 100 years noone was able to imagine something like an internet. the time is changing but for now the maximum speed objects are able to reach will remain a mystery

Answer #2

I cant imagine it. I personally dont believe that time travel is logically possible

Answer #3

This is just a theory, as nobody has actually traveled faster than the speed of light.

Answer #4

You can’t reach the speed of light. It is the ultimate speed. But as you approach the speed of light, time will begin to noticeably affect you less relative to someone who is moving at a lower velocity. And you can’t go backwards in time, and you can’t actually go “forward” in time.

Time affects you less the more you approach the speed of light (your mass also increases and it becomes more difficult to accelerate you). It is true that noone has travelled near the speed of light, but this theory of Einstein’s has been confirmed by several experiments, some of which used atomic clocks - which are VERY VERY accurate - over a long period of time.

It’s difficult to explain but try to read some articles on the net about time dilation.

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