Tomorrow I am babysitting five kids aged from infant all the way up to eight and I need some ideas of games or activities I can do with them.

Answer #1

Drawing Painting Make Something Creative With Them Puppet Show Watch Tele With Them Or A Film They All Like

Answer #2

Write down random items on a sheet, nothing breakable. Then they all pick a sheet out of a hat. The item written on the sheet they have to collect. The idea is that it’s a race and the first one back wins.

Answer #3

-Coloring -Finger Painting -Easter Egg Hunt (instead of Eggs, you can use plastic Dinosaurs) -Pop in a Disney Movie -Make mask out of paper plates -Bake Cookies or make Jello - have them help you -Story Time - read them a story -Board Games - made for smaller children. -Sidewalk Chalk - let them draw out in the driveway -Dance Time - put on some music and have them all dance around the room. You can dance with the baby in your arms also - they love that.

Answer #4

Watch a movie with them. ff you can dirve - take them out to lunch Swing - [Go to a local park] Color with them. Dress up. **so much more&*

Answer #5

well you can make cakes with a little cake making set they only take a couple of mins and are good fun or you can draw with them have a mini disco just put the music channel on and have some fun that is what I do with my young cuzens

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