How do you make a baby sleep throughout the night?

How do you make a baby sleep throughout the night?

Answer #1

ok so my sister when her baby it depends on how old he or she is my sister when I think ok so he was 2 or 3 months old she wud put rice the baby rice ceryel in his bodel just a bit to make it kinda thick and he slept threw out da night so bujt all babys are different you can have sothing wone musica like he iss till in the wone and remeber to always make shure you rap him in his or her blankkey hope my vice works

Answer #2

In addition to what ichibanarky said, sometimes a diaper change can help them go back to sleep. You have to be very gentle, and use a wipe-warmer if you have one. My son won’t go back to sleep in a damp diaper (he shouldn’t have to anyways, that’s disgusting!) so I always had to make sure I changed him first, and THEN fed him, so he would drift off to sleep in a dry diaper, with a full belly. He started ‘sleeping through the night’ at 3 months. This meant he slept from 9 until 4, had a feeding, and then would nap for another hour or so.

Answer #3

You can’t ‘make’ a baby sleep through the night…that’s something that develops with time.

You can encourage it by making sure night time stays quiet and keep the lights down low. Don’t interact a lot with the baby during night time feedings…just do what you have to do and get the baby back to sleep.

Answer #4

I’m sorry, I thought it was understood that you need to change the baby’s diaper when it wakes up in the night.

Answer #5

It depends on how old the child is. When my son turned 10months old I wanted him to sleep for the whole night so I made him not go to sleep until 7pm. I know it was mean but he was colic. But then I gave him a bath before I put him down and he didnt wake up until 6am the next day.

Answer #6

Ichibanarky, Yes, of course it is- I say that though because I have a close relative who did NOT change her daughter’s diaper when she woke up during the night because it made her baby be very wide awake. Then she wondered why it took he daughter so long to go back to sleep… I explained to her that even if the diaper feels as though it is dry to you, it may feel slightly damp to the baby. I didn’t mean to come across as sounding like the diaper change is optional, or that I don’t change his diaper at night… Sometimes though it is dry to the touch but is damp inside and THAT prevents him from going back to sleep- so off it goes. Trust me, we go through a million diapers in our house, the kid isn’t wet for 5 minutes before he has a dry diaper on.

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