B/f's b-day present?

What do I get him?? He’s a rocker, drummer. Likes stuff like vampires and ya know, black and red are his colours. Not gothish though. I don’t have much money either. He’s also into cute things though haha. Been going out just a few months. Any suggestions?

Answer #1

Buy him some cologne. His favorite CD. Or you could spend the whole day with him. Go bowling, watch movies, goof around…just tell him how much you love him.

Answer #2

My boyfriend sings in a rockband. Well. he throats xD Weird. His birhtday is this month also, and I already got him something: Custom made t-shirts :) At some places you can just pick out a shirt, tell them what you want on it, and then you can pick it up after an hour or stuff. I picked a black shirt and I wrote something on it that he allwwayss says:


(Yeah. I think you know what that means) He’ll freakin love it! Its like his saying. I also bought him this cool jacket, from like, his favorite band. I don’t know just look at Hot Topic? Or buy a cologne. My guy loves cologne.

Answer #3

my boy is a drummer too.. but I got him his favorite bands DVD and a jacket at hot topic. he freakin loved it.

Answer #4

Buy him quality drum sticks, he’ll love them

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