B-day Gift

What Should I Get For A Girl I Really Like?

Answer #1

she what she’s into and base her present on that. or get her a cute teddy bear.

Answer #2

yes! buy her a cute stuffed animal or something like that!

Answer #3

Low budget? Go to Khols or somewhere and buy her a REAL necklace or bracelet or earrings for as low as $20. More room?? Jewelry, a spa day (mmm) , fine dining, horseback riding, movies.

CREATIVE / no money??? Take her to the park (picnic), or walking somewhere @ night that is really pretty and romantic.

I could go on for days… but, those are just a few ideas

Answer #4

you could take her out to dinner/movie. flowers. chocolate. a cute necklace or a bracelet. buy some perfume that smells good. just let her know that you really like her! that’s the best gift of all (:

Answer #5

a cute unique necklace for sure!

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