What is the average weight people gain dureing the holidays and how can you keep the amount of weight you gain at a low number?

Answer #1

I would have to say I don’t gain any weight over the holidays, I try to keep my diet the same as far as my food intake. I think best thing you can do is eat in moderation, keep away from the sweets. Yes I still had my one piece of cheese cake on thanks giving, but I stopped at one.

Answer #2

Also, I have to say I am a calorie counter, say if you want to keep your weight at 190 lb you keep your calorie intake at 1900, but if you workout for say an hour in the gym. I mean really workout, you can raise this to 2400 to 2600 calorie and still keep a slim figure, but you also have to watch it, cause you could get muscle bound.

Answer #3

cool i will keep that in mind

Answer #4

I never gain any weight over the holidays. I usually lose a pound or two. Who has time to eat?! Way too busy!! : )

I think people should just eat in moderation and remember to keep up with their exercise.

Answer #5

Words to live by, eat right. :)

Answer #6

When you sit down for thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, chew your food. Don’t shovel your food into your mouth. You’re a human being not a garbage disposal. When you take the time to chew and digest your food, its amazing how much less you’ll eat. This means your stomach is getting the chance to realize its full. Also, you don’t have to stack your plate. Take small amounts at a time. And you also don’t have to clear your plate clean of food. If you’re full, stop eating.

Answer #7

Average weight? I’d say that depends on your selection pool - because there’s a few billion people that inhabit this earth and that includes the sumo-wrestlers and the obese people as well as the anorexic nervosa and the starving in third world countries.

So asking for an average is difficult.

But to gain less weight? Uh, just eat less? Or if you really don’t think that’s possible for you, go for food that’s high in protein, as helps fill you up faster.

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