what is the average age for a man to stop growing?

Answer #1

i think the average is about 17-20. or something, im 15 and 5-11 and i think im still growing o_O

Answer #2

o ok im also 5’11” n im 19… my dad is 6’3” he he had a growth spurt when he was 20 lol hope i get it too lol

Answer #3

You never stop growing it just stops being drastic. :>

Answer #4


Answer #5

Between 20 and 25 for a guy and slightly younger for women.

Answer #6

The reason for this is that guys start puberty later than girls and therefore take longer before they reach full adulthood.

Answer #7

Well I’m 18 and 6’4” I should be done growing tho.

Answer #8

well i heard that..guys stop growing around the age of 19 …

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