When does your dick stop growing?

When does it stop gettin g bigger? And what age does it grow the most. What is the average size?

Answer #1

Well, keep in mind that it is different for everyone. Also, every starts and ends puberty at a different time. It’s about being comfortable with your size. However, the average size is 5.1-5.9in in length when erect. Yet, anywhere between 4 to 8 inches is considered normal. You generally keep growing for 5 years after you first hit puberty.

To get the most accurate measurements for an individual’s penis size, it has been recommended that several measurements be taken at different times, preferably with different erections on different days. The measurements are then to be averaged together. (Wikipedia) You also have to be standing up and completly erect to get an accurate measurement and measure along the top.

Answer #2

Stops growing after about 15 years. Grows the fastest around ages 8-12 but otherwise it grows at a steady rate till it stops. the adverage length is around 6 inches.

Answer #3

mine stopped when I was like 14-15 I think

Answer #4

Well I thnk it stops when they stop puperty…


Answer #5

oh and it grows when im excited lol

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