What age do boobs stop growing?

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Around the age of 16.

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around 18.

but actually your breast never stop, it depends.
like pregnancy, weight lose, or weight gain. ya know?
but hey im fourteen what do I know? haha.

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Really???so you mean they dint grow at all till then???or were they stuck in the mid growth face fr a long time...I just turned 18 and im really thin so im not sure if they've stopped and sure hope they havent!!!

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italyor is incorrect
usually at around 18-21
however other things will affcet your breats
like pregnancy
and anything that affects your weight...diets, eating disorders, weight gain
will also affect them

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Usally when you are 18 or 17 depends =)

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when you are 18...

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Im 19 and I was a b 4 the past 5 or 6 years and I recently upgraded to a c cup out of nowhere and I don't know how or why and they hurt some. so im really confused

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with me when I was younger (21) I was a size a but after 2 kids and a little wight gain I'm a 38b now age(32)

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Well as a matter of fact ill turn 19 next month and my boobs started hurting over 3 weeks ago and they are deff growing so I guess it just depends on the person... but MAN DO THEY HURT LOL :-P

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omg I'm in the same situation as you girl! I'm 15 and just receiving my period as I speak...But my boobs are just rounded buds...please somebody help- will they grow more??

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erm , I have a prob too !
I'm just fourteen , I don't
feel pain at my breast .
but sometime they do .
does that mean
they doesn't grow anymore ? T.T !

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On average, girls start to bud at about 10.5 years. They continue to grow until you reach the end of puberty, which would be on average about 14.5 years.


Bonus: http://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/home/children/parents/parents-teens/445.html

Of course, everyone is different and may enter puberty at different ages. Some girls may stop growing as early as 11, at about average, or even as late as 18.

Also, other factors can affect the size of your breasts even after puberty, such as weight, pregnancy, or surgery.

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Your breasts usually continue to grow for about four years after your first period. But what we mean medically by breast “growth” can be very subtle. Breast tissue develops through five “stages” during puberty. Stage 1 is the flat, childhood chest. Stage 2 is breast “budding”, when the nipples swell and become tender. In Stage 3, breast tissue enlarges from gland and fat development. Young teens usually start their first period about this time. During Stage 4, the breasts may change only in contour (shape) rather than size, and the nipples protrude. Then in Stage 5, breast growth is completed. By age 17 or 18 you’ll know your final breast size.

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Got my period at 14 when I was a 32AA. During the summer before 15, I grew a bit. I'm 17 now and I'm a B-cup (finally! haha) and I'm fairly skinny (26" waist). I know that they keep growing after 18 but much more slowly until 25 or 30 depending on your genes. So, don't worry tooo much :D

I also know of someone who was an A/B cup in her early twenties, but by 28, 29, 30, she went to a C cup. She did NOT gain any weight, her waist size is still freaking 25" and he's really skinny -- just her boobs grew. lol. I'm hoping that happens with me because I want to be a C-cup :DDD

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Got my period at 14 when I was a 32AA. During the summer, I then went from AA to A cup by 15. Kept growing from there, I'm 17 and now I'm a 34B cup and I'm still skinny (26" waist). Poeple say they stop at 18, but that's not true, they just grow more slowly until 25-30 y/o depending on your genetics.

I know of someone who was an A-cup at 18 then Bish at 25 and by 29/30 she was a full C-cup.. I really want to know hwo THAT happened. haha she didnt get pregnant, she didnt gain weight (like.. she is SKINNY) waist 25" I think, and yet her boobs just grew???!?!? Yeah, so don't worry. Just dont wear bras to seep which I did.. idiotically.. but it's ok they still have time. I'm hoping I get to be a C like her.. :) C-cup seems like such a great size

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