Athiest quote.

“If god is willing but not wanting, would that not make him malevolant? but if god is willing but not able would that not make him powerless?”. Any comments on that?

Answer #1

Firstly ,I had to search the meaning of Malevolent…it means to do evil and harm to someone. I don’t see God being that way at all. Would God have his son die on the cross for us if that were so? Does God strike you down dead when you sin? No. I see him as a Father…our human nature is full of sin and he knows this …he will allow us to sin and he hopes we repent and not sin anymore…he is still with us…he gave us free will so it’s really up to us to choose how many times we want to go around that mountain…as humans we battle with our fleshly desires every day. He is powerful and has done and is still doing mircles today … He wants us either Hot or Cold with our faith …take everything by faith in him…he will reward you and bless you… God is Love and he wants us to be Love as well…

Answer #2

amblessed: “My God is all powerful, don’t know about yours !”

And according to your mythology, your god uses that power to punish those who don’t worship him with eternity in hell.

He is one evil, cruel, and vane SOB.

Answer #3

Christians say the reason that most of us will be punished eternally is because we choose sin over God’s sacrifice. They say humans must be punished because God, in his universe, cannot tolerate sin.

But that’s only looking at part of the picture. If we define God as the most perfect, good, and powerful being that can exist, then it is not even possible for God to create or conceive of evil, suffering, disaster, etc. He also would not create free will beings that could bring such things into existence in his universe. If he is absolute good, this is not an option for him.

What we are left with, then, is what we find in the Bible, as well as other religions. God is frequently described as being the sum of both good and evil, and in the Bible he commits evil acts to bring about his will. This God is both benevolent and malevolent, and uses his power for both purposes.

The Christian response will be, why does God attempt to redeem his creation through sacrifice of his son? Again, a perfect God would not have created humans that would have needed salvation in the first place.

If humans are created in God’s image, and we have the ability to choose between good and evil, that means God also has the ability to choose between good and evil, and does so continuously.

Answer #4

buringirl8: “Firstly ,I had to search the meaning of Malevolent…”

Then maybe the subject matter is a little over your head.

Answer #5

heres an even better quote “do yourself a favour, be your own saviour”

Answer #6

My God is all powerful, don’t know about yours !

Answer #7

God is all powerful…my god and my savior and he wants to be yours too!!!

Answer #8

can you prove that

Answer #9

I think God works in mysterious ways and some people just can’t handle the uncertainty,so they turn to athiesm. That quote uses absolutes. As if if God seems to be one thing, than that makes him malevolent…and if God refuses to do some things, then it makes him powerless. Religion is about faith, you don’t have to have proof that God is here through him performing miracles everyday or having to proove himself to you constantly. Faith is about believing because deep inside of you you know there is something bigger than we are. I think God is able to do anything, he just doesn’t want to because that’s not why we were created. We were created to love him by choice, not by force or by him helping us out all the time. We have to help ourselves. As far as being malevolant, God may seem cruel at times, but he is only doing what is best for us.

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