What does an Atheist do at Christmas?

What does an Atheist do at Christmas?

Answer #1

well my best friend is an athiest and she celebrates christmas for the presents…wich is wrong…she also celebrates hannakuh…wich she doesn’t beleive in…wich is wrong too.

Answer #2

yup we do celebrate the commericalised christmas..harhar..but I celebrate it more for the time of family getting together, giving and getting presents, pretty christmas trees and fairy lights around…none of this jesus smesus

Answer #3

I spend the holidays with my family and we enjoy each other’s company. We do exchange gifts but that’s not the main focus of our time together. I enjoy it most when the eldest members of our family talk about childhood memories and their happiest times. We have good food and lots of fun.

Answer #4

Most Athiests simply ignore the religious aspects (both Pagan and Christain ones) of Christmas. Much like most Christians ignore the Pagan aspects of the same Holiday.

Answer #5

Relax, because you’ve got a few days off.Take the time to think about the year which just passed and the year to come, and hopefully try and be around people who you love and who love you in return.

Answer #6

Filletofspam, Saturnalia is on Dec.17th and Yule is Dec 22nd those are the Dates for the Pagan counterparts. . .From the biblical account Jesus birth should fallsometimes in Augest or September and I know all the Facts of the Christmas Holiday season. But Christmas is still a Religious holiday celebrating the Birth of Christ, and the others are For some pagan gods. So How does an Atheist fill about celebrating a Deity ( Any Deity) Whom he does not believe exist. . .

Answer #7

By now Christmas is just a secular celebration. It’s basically an excuse to get together with family, took a few days off, and waste money on a bunch of things you could get 70% off on at a later time.

What atheists don’t do (that Christians do) is go to church. Kind of like most Catholics on most Sundays.

By the way, I forbid you from friending me. The end.

Answer #8

What do Christians do on Christmas?

The origins of Christmas are pagan. From Biblical descriptions it doesn’t sound like Jesus was born on Dec 25. However, long before Jesus Romans celebrated a winter holiday called Saturnalia where carrolers went from home to home singing, there were feasts, and exchanging of gifts. The whole season was called Birthday of the Unconquered Sun and yule logs were burned in honor of the Sun god. Mistletoe was a fertility symbol which is where kissing under the mistletoe comes from. Bringing evergreens and wreaths into the home was a pagan Northern European custom to remind them that the winter would end and everything would again be green.

Considering that there is very little Christian about Christmas outside of the name should Christians even celebrate it? Would a Christian God be happy about followers celebrating Pagan holidays?

Answer #9

they praise god.

Answer #10

you write silly questions about what to do…

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Answer #12

they celebrate it but with absolutly no religiuos aspect to it

Answer #13

They don’t…

They celebrate the commercialized X-MAS! You know, the one with the trees, the evil candycanes, and Santa Claus.

Answer #14

We drink a lot of beer.

Answer #15

Yay for Christmas! Woo! (Agnostic, damned near the same thing as an Atheist.)

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