What do atheists believe about how everything came to be that seems more logical than a supreme creator?

(this is not meant as an attack - I’m honestly curious)

Answer #1

Personally, I believe in the Big Bang Theory.

Answer #2

They are more or less into the idea or revolution so ive been told by friends and even then majority but not all think tht……some think tht when the are gone they will go to an ideal place……

Answer #3

I’ve heard of it, but could you explain it simply to me? I’ve had some atheist friends who have explained why they thought a belief in God was irrational, but I’ve always been curious to know what atheists believe is more rational. My atheist friends said they believe the big bang theory, but I don’t think I understood it completely. Just curious to know a little about it.

Answer #4

The Big Bang is the prevailing cosmological theory of the early development of the universe. Cosmologists use the term Big Bang to refer to the idea that the universe was originally extremely hot and dense at some finite time in the past and has since cooled by expanding to the present diluted state and continues to expand today. The theory is supported by the most comprehensive and accurate explanations from current scientific evidence and observation

Answer #5

Well, to put it simply, the universe was once an infinitely small singularity of heat (imagine it as a speck of dust, but smaller yet), which increased in size until the universe became what it is and started to cool.

Answer #6

Leann, if you’re going to copy and paste, please cite your source.

Answer #7

Big bang.

Answer #8

actually i got it from a paper i wrote and i dont know where to find the site because it only has the authors name and page…..do you want me to cite MLA style

Answer #9

It’s on Wikipedia….I usually just put “courtesy: Wikipedia” at the end of my post.

Answer #10

I suppose the next question would be, who or what initiated the big bang? x)

Answer #11

athiests have different beleifs as to how everything in the world got there. they dont all beleive the same thing. i personally beleive most things seem more logical than a big man in the sky pointing his finger and majically “poofing” things into existance

Answer #12

Atheists do not necessarily believe anything, thats the whole point of being an atheist… If you look into Creation/ God theory from ALL world Religions and still find it hard to believe in a creator, then you may call yourself an ‘informed atheist’ You do not then have to believe in something else like ‘ big bang’ or Alien seeding…. you can quite simply not have an opinion as to date we do not know all the facts….. What we do not know far outweighs what we do know. :-)

Answer #13

im just gunna add this in here what would you be calleds if you belives in things from a bunch of diffrent religeons lol

Answer #14

ugh thats spelling failed sorry im so tierd

Answer #15

watch the documentary zeitgeist.. it will explain where religion comes from and that JC was actually the sun and that there are plenty JC bourn in the different religions they compare the story of joseph to JC.. same life both of them, JC never existed, the bible also comes from egyp and their hiroglyphics

Answer #16

More of an agnostic view than atheist, but agreed that we know relatively very little, no matter what you believe.

Answer #17

You’re right, that is very illogical to believe that there is “a big man in the sky pointing his finger and magically poofing things into existence” :) However, someone uninformed about the real Big Bang Theory could say it is illogical to believe in a big magical explosion that “poofed” the whole universe into orbit, but obviously, that isn’t what the Big Bang Theory teaches. Personally, I believe that matter can’t be created - just reorganized - thus disqualifying the whole “poof” idea :)

Answer #18

So, does anyone have a reliable source online to look up some info about the Big Bang Theory? Thanks for the info so far

Answer #19

i believe in the big bang theory too

Answer #20

Atheists do not have to have an alternative theory.

What a lot of us are against is the God of Ignorance. This is the idea that for every phenomenon we can’t explain there must be a supernatural explanation. I’m fine with saying that I don’t know. I don’t jump to the conclusion that anything we don’t have a concrete explanation for must have been done by God. People used to think that thunder was gods bowling in the clouds and that disease was caused by demons. Now we know that thunder and lightening are electrical discharge and diseases are caused by microbes.

The Big Bang is probably the best scientific theory we have for the origins of the cosmos but no doubt 100 years from now we will know a lot more than we do now and our great grandchildren will be as amused by what we believe as we are about what our great grandparents used to believe.

For most believers it isn’t an either or situation. They believe the Big Bang is how God created the cosmos and the account in Genesis is allegorical and symbolic.

Answer #21

yh same

Answer #22

what was before the big bang?

Answer #23

A singularity

Answer #24

Why do you believe that?

Answer #25

Well collen.. i would imagine a bit of flirting and…… :-) LOL

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