At what temperature does oxygen freeze?


Answer #1

Oxygen will turn to a liquid at 90.20 K (-182.95 °C, -297.31 °F).

The freezing (or melting) point of oxygen is 54.36 K (-218.79 °C, -361.82 °F).

Answer #2

sorry, wikipedia is not a reliable sourse. O2 cannot freeze. ooor, either that, humans would never survive it if it could. Cause think about it, Think about how cold the temps. get, but we humans can still breathe. I dont think it does freeze.

Answer #3

The freezing point of oxygen is 54.36 K (-218.79 °C, -361.82 °F).

Answer #4

annwilliams: You think oxygen can’t freeze because you haven’t seen it freeze? Oookay.

As ty pointed out, oxygen freezes at 54.36K, which really, really cold. In comparison, the coldest temperature ever recorded on earth is 184 Kelvin, waaay above the freezing point of oxygen.

Answer #5

is it possible for oxygen to freeze? I dont think so?? but if so pls let me noe thanks

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