Why is my arm still sore in the place i got my flu shot from 2 weeks ago?

Answer #1

It may of done some deep bruising. I’ve had some shots leave some nasty bruises on me. It should fade away soon

Answer #2

Thank you! but this just gives me more of a reason to hate shots… haha

Answer #3

I agree! I hate shots! I have pernicious anemia so use to have to have a monthly B12 shot. As it goes into the muscle and it a ridiculously large amount, my whole arm would hurt for days after. It was horrible.I would start dreading the shots days before, it all became quite traumatic. Shots are eeeevvvvviiillllll!

Answer #4

omg i had my shot a week ago and it still hurts when i get hit on it. Some shots dont affect others do, its weird. im geussing it depends on where the doctor gives the shot and how they do it. My docor kind of pulled down on my needle when it was still in. i think that made my wound bigger < <

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