What's wrong with my arm???

ok so 1st, I went to the doctor on fri. 2 get my last vaccine shot...and still 2day my arm hurts really really bad, at 1st I thought it was because I went snowboarding and it was just sore but my mom thinks its because of my shot and no matter what I do it still hurts...ad nything I do it will hurt, when I pick up my backpack I just cant sand the pain or even raise my hand it just really hurts...so does anyone know what might b wrong with my arm??? please HELP!!!

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I've had this before, is wasn't that bad but it still hurt for at least a week. I had a chicken pox shot and my arm swelled up to the size of a golf ball it hurt 2. it is just the virus in the shot being fought by your immune system. Just ice it and if it is worse go c a doctor. unless it was the snowboarding accident, once I broke my wrist snowboarding; just ice it again and feel around the bone to c if anyting feel unordinary

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it could very well be from your shot just call your doctor don't go running in freaking out just call and ask what they think most of the time they cant give 411 over the phone but they can tell you if they think you can come in

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