What should I do when my sister makes me mad

What should I do when my sister makes me mad

Answer #1

how old is she ? because I get mad at mine a lot. but shes only5. lol

Answer #2

Ignore her and eventually she’ll get the hint

Answer #3

loool Ignore her!! She’ll understand that shes not interesting and shell stop..

Answer #4

you do nothing … why … because she is your sister or life alone with out them

Answer #5

just ignore her, keep being mad. Do something that pleases you. Like today while walking the dog, she went behind the store and did not get in trouble, yet I went back there and I got in trouble, now I am really mad at her!!! >:(

Answer #6

ingnore her, do what pleases you. do anything that can get it out!

Answer #7

I Ignore mine and she doesn’t ge the hint.

Answer #8

ignore her, or talk with her so she stops, if you feel too angry and want to hurt her DONT it only gets you into trouble. take your anger out on a pillow instead. x

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